Speaker Presentations

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H. Nelson Aguila — Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities Training Opportunities
Presentation (PDF, 238KB)

Barbara Alving, M.D. — Welcoming Remarks
Presentation (PDF, 663KB)

John D. Carpten, Ph.D. — Communication and Bioinformatics
Presentation (PDF, 1,255KB)

Estela S. Espate, MT, PHD — Cancer Health Disparities Research: Addressing the Challenges Through Education and Training
Presentation (PDF, 821KB)

Elmer E. Huerta, MD, MPH — Changing the Point of Contact of People with the Health Care System: The Cancer Preventorium Concept
Presentation (PDF, 415KB)

Andrew J. Kurtz, Ph.D. — NCI SBIR & STTR Programs
Presentation (PDF, 606KB)

Suresh Mohla, Ph.D. — Funding Opportunities Announcements - Division of Cancer Biology (DCB)
Presentation (PDF, 407KB)

Steven Patierno, Ph.D. — Collaborations and Partnerships
Presentation (PDF, 1602KB)

Michael H. Sayre, Ph.D. — Funding Opportunities Announcements - National Center on Research Resources
Presentation (PDF, 1172KB)

Vickie L. Shavers, Ph.D. — Funding Opportunities Announcements - Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Presentation (PDF, 240KB)

Dr. Sanya A. Springfield — Sharing Our Vision: The New Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities
Presentation (PDF, 500KB)

Francisco S. Sy, MD, DrPH — Funding Opportunities Announcements - National Center on Minority Health and Disparities and Across NIH
Presentation (PDF, 320KB)

Hugo Vilchis, MD, MPH — Managing and Sustaining Programs
Presentation (PDF, 3412KB)

Mattie S. Woods — Community Engagement
Presentation (PDF, 124KB)

Concurrent Session Presentations

Ancestry Informative Markers: Genotyping as a Cancer Disparities Research Tool

Jill Barnholtz-Sloan — Using ancestry estimates as tools to better understand group or individual differences in disease risk or disease outcomes
Presentation (PDF, 428KB)

Lisa Newman — Defining Race/Ethnic Background in Studies of Disparities
Presentation (PDF, 1,236KB)

Beyond Cowboys and Camels

Presentation (PDF, 1,223KB)

Clinical Trials Education and Outreach: Strategies for Addressing Health Disparities in Medically Underserved Communities

Steve Charles — Art for Cancer
Presentation (PDF, 1,477KB)

Maggie Clarkson — An Introduction to Clinical Trial Participation for Potential Study Patients
Presentation (PDF, 41KB)

Evelyn González — Addressing Clinical Trials In Partnership with Regional NCI/CIS Offices
Presentation (PDF, 696KB)

Melissa Green — Project CONNECT: The Bridge to Healthy Communities Through Research
Presentation (PDF, 99KB)

Sona Thakkar & Felicia Solomon — Strategies for Addressing Health Disparities in Medically Underserved Communities
Presentation (PDF, 1,240KB)

Culturally Competent Education/Outreach Activities: What's Working in Communities

Sue Hamann — Changing Physician Behavior with Web-based Cancer Education
Presentation (PDF, 267KB)

LorrieAnn Santos — Breast Health Shared Stories from Women in Our Hawaiian Community
Presentation (PDF, 135KB)

Chara Stewart — On-line Community Tool for Engaging Diverse Communities in Cancer Health Disparities
Presentation (PDF, 1,619KB)

Sora Park Tanjasiri — Using Photovoice and GIS Mapping as a Tobacco Educational Approach for Asian American and Pacific Islander Youth
Presentation (PDF, 2,478KB)

Beti Thompson — Home Health Parties to Improve Cancer Screening in Hispanics
Presentation (PDF, 937KB)

Anissa I. Vines — Disseminating Body & Soul to African American Churches in N.C.
Presentation (PDF, 205KB)

Patient Navigation in the Field

Elizabeth Calhoun — Patient Navigation
Presentation (PDF, 167KB)

Johanna Capo — Patient Case Review
Presentation (PDF, 169KB)

Karen Freund — Work Design and Social Network of the Patient Navigator
Presentation (PDF, 173KB)