Leveraging PACHE Strengths to Advance Cancer and Cancer Health Disparities Research

PACHE Program Abstract Submission

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Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline: May 16, 2018

PACHE Program Abstracts

The PACHE Program Abstracts will be printed in the program meeting book to be shared with all attendees for dissemination of information about the partnership.

The PACHE Program Abstracts will serve to:

  • Provide information about each Partnership
  • Outline the Goals and Objectives of the Partnership
  • Share the Strengths and Accomplishments of the program
  • Highlight areas of potential collaboration opportunities among PACHE investigators

PACHE Program Abstract Guidelines

Each PACHE Program Abstract must be submitted online using minimal text formatting (i.e., tables, etc.). Submissions should highlight the innovation, methodology, scientific rigor and outcomes that impact cancer or cancer health disparities.

Submitted abstracts should not exceed 1000 words, max 2 pages, 1.5 spacing. Feel free to include pictures, graphs, and/or tables within the 2 page limit.

Use Times New Roman 12 font, and must include the following numbers and titles to the left of the details to be provided:

  1. Partnering Institutions: Name of the ISUPS and Name of the Cancer Center;
  2. Research Team: The Principle Investigators of the Partnership, and relevant Program Leaders/Managers/ Coordinators;
  3. Overview of Partnership: State the overall goals and objectives of the partnership and how each Institution contributes to these goals and objectives. Describe the general rationale and the mutual benefits that the partner institutions expect to derive from the partnership, and include the ways in which both institutions help each other develop stronger cancer programs;
  4. Accomplishments and/or Discoveries: Highlight scientific rigor and accomplishments of the PACHE program (ex. seminal discoveries, high ranking publications, development and implementation of innovative programs, major grants received, unique approaches and/or program tools that significantly benefit communities of interest.);
  5. Impact/Outcomes of the Partnership: Describe this through innovative measures, scientific models, activities, and/or outcomes in cancer research, cancer training (ex. students, ESI faculty into tenure track), cancer outreach, and/or cancer education, and through the integration of research activities with other components of research education programs;
  6. Sustainability: Describe how the Program has leveraged funding through other sources (e.g., county, state, or other federal funding; foundation funding) and how to retain the Program achievements for future PACHE research and training opportunities at both institutions;
  7. Shared Resources: Highlight the partnership’s Shared Resources which can be disseminated among PACHE institutions and cancer centers (i.e. cell lines, core facility for biostatistical analysis, tools, resources); and
  8. Areas of Collaboration: Describe areas in which you are seeking collaborative opportunities among PACHE partnerships.

Deadline for receiving the PACHE Program Abstracts is May 16, 2018.